One of the greatest remaining opportunities for entrepreneurs in the U.S. today involves businesses that serve regional (and local) markets.

We offer top-shelf domain names that are designed to focus attention on a specific region, metro area, county, and/or city.

Many of the domain names we offer will be readily associated by most people with their specific region such as CAL-SF, CO-DEN, and WA-SEA. The balance of the domains will generally be recognized by those familiar with the individual regions they represent, such as ID-BOI, TX-DFW, and WA-SPO.

Note: offers only our own domains for sale on this site; i.e., your domain(s) cannot be listed here.

Pricing Rationale

Our pricing is based on (1) the market with which the domain name can be readily associated (e.g., size, demographics) and (2) other objective factors such as whether the market is home to an international airport, and (3) specific factors regarding the domain name itself.

For example, the domain CAL-SF.COM "checks all of the boxes." It can be readily associated with the San Francisco Bay Area, (Population 7.77 Million) as well as the City of San Francisco (Population: 873,965).

At this time, is not considering offers lower than the listed prices. We believe that these prices represent an excellent value for the advantages these domain names provide.

Domain Names with a Dash

The dashes are a key element and a major strength of these domain names. They help highlight the regional association and boost the recognition of the domain name; i.e., CAL-LA.COM > CALLA.COM

Furthermore there is a huge advantage to the domain names we offer regarding intellectual property; i.e., the dash could help minimize your trademark-related legal expenses.

Intellectual Property Factors

We believe that these domain names have important advantages insofar as intellectual property factors such as trademark and copyright.

For example, CAL is a common abbreviation for the State of California and LA is a common abbreviation for the City of Los Angeles. Consequently, the owner of a domain with these common conventions such as CAL-LA, CAL-OC, or CAL-SF is unlikely to face serious claims efforts by trademark squatters or actual trademark holders, at least in the U.S.

Putting the '.com' extension aside, consider the brands, CAL-LA versus CALLA. A trademark search of CAL-LA yields 0 records while a search of CALLA yields >100 trademarks, of which the majority are LIVE, or active. That indicates that there are numerous entities that have some claim on the term 'CALLA.' Anyone considering using CALLA, calla, etc. in their business or product/service name must avoid infringing on dozens of trademarks.

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The situation in other countries is more complex and warrants getting a legal opinion before committing resources to any type of intellectual property.

Domain Name Marketplace

Our domain names are well-suited to serve as regional brands and, in some cases, have national brand potential. We're confident that our pricing is very competitive for these domain names but we encourage any prospective buyer to explore the wider domain name market. It's quite well-developed and competitive.

One of the larger operators with which we are familiar is They offer thousands of domain names and thus reviewing their listings can provide you with insight into the range of pricing for just about any type or class of domain.

The best site that we have found for actual sales prices is

Frankly, we're skeptical of some of the prices at the high end, particularly the "Private Sales." However, we believe that most of the quoted sales prices are credible.